Sunday, September 21, 2008

Had to make some changes....

Hi Everyone,

Due to the high gas prices and having to travel everyday to work, plus some health issues, I had to unsubscribe my listings in Country Fried Prims. Once things settle down I hope to be able to go back to listing there. You can still find my items on Webidz and Etsy and soon I will be listing on blujay also. And as always you can always contact me directly to purchase my items or request special orders.

I have a few new things to finish up and I will be listing them soon. Plus, I have some new ideas I am wanting to make - I hope to have all of them listed by the end of October, if all works out ok.

Now, I would like to inform all of you of my health issue. I ended up having to go to the Doctor last week. I have a bite on my arm which I thought was a spider bite. Turns out it was not a spider but a mosquito bite. Funny thing is, is this bite has been on my arm for over 2 weeks. When I started to feel ill is when I thought I had better have it looked at. The Doctor took some blood and the results shown negative for anything simple - so she sent the blood in to be tested for West Nile Virus. *sigh* If it turns out that I have West Nile I do not know what will be done. Some of you know to contact Susie, if I happen to be MIA for longer than usual, for an update. Please say a prayer that things will be ok.

Thank you for your patience and prayers,