Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Time = Busy Time!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a great summer so far.

Jessica has been wedding shopping and found some flowers she wanted so I took her shopping at Hobby Lobby. She showed me the flowers that she wanted and we bought them and, I hope, all the flowers we will need for the bouquets & boutonnières. When I was asking her questions about how she wanted the bouquets to look she put her hands on her face and said "Oh, Mom, I didn't know this was going to be so hard! I don't know!" I had to laugh at her and told her that "I am here to help you and to point out things I know you haven't thought of." I still can't believe she will be getting married!

Michelle is still recovering from the mono and has to take geometery in a summer class. She was so ill at the end of the school year there just was no way she could get the grade up to pass. Plus, she finds that math subjects are quite challanging for her. Poor girl is so worried that she won't pass because it is a class all on the computer and she still is not understanding it. On the upside, she is wanting to take golf lessons this summer and wants to go out for golf this fall at school.

Work has been keeping me even more busy than usual! About 40 hours a week now, and some overtime. I was working around 30 hours! I am finding that with work, mowing the yard, and the usual summer activities, it is hard to find time to do some crafting. Although, I do have some great ideas in the works for you, and I will make time, of course, for the Country Fried Prims site which will be launching new items on June 15. So be sure to stop by my shop then for my new creations!

Take care and God bless!