Friday, April 25, 2008

It has been a long week!

It's finally Friday! whew, I never thought it would get here. There has been so many changes at my job, but they are changes for the good. Today I worked about 11 hours, and still have statements to finish and get out. Thankfully, that is something I can work on at home. This week was Secretary's Day/week. My boss, Kathy, is the best boss I have ever had. Bless her heart! She bought a beautiful potted plant for me with a pretty balloon tied to it. I just need to figure out what kind of plant this is. There is no label or instructions with it.

This weekend is going to be busy too. I have the yard to mow, my oldest daughter, Jessica, has asked me to make a dress for her, plus I have to finish my items for The Country Fried Prims monthly launch on May 15. I am planning to have at least 4 new items up for you.

My youngest daughter, Michelle, is still fighting off a virus, or something. Yesterday I took her in to the Doctor again. This time they took xrays of her chest to see if she has pneumonia. The Doctor said she could not see any signs of pneumonia, but it could still be there. Now Michelle is taking some antibiotics just in case. *sigh* I just want my "little girl" to feel good again. It has been a month or more of sickness for her. Please keep her in your prayers!

My, look at the time! I should really get to bed so I can be productive tomorrow!

Until next time...God Bless!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Paypal Alternative!

A Paypal competitor called Revolution Money Exchange (RME) is trying to build up their customer base, by offering a sign on bonus of $25 and $10 referal bonuses. How does any of this effect me? My daughter has been ill alot lately and the medical bills are piling up, plus we both need new eye glasses. If I can get a dozen or so people to sign up on RME as a referal to me, we will be able to purchase our glasses from an online eyeglass place called Zenni Optical. I can get a complete set of glasses, frames, and no line bifocals, for just over $100. The best part is... while you are helping me to pay for our glasses YOU will get $25 for free too. When you are ready to sign up for RME please email me so I can send you the invitation. That is the only way I can get the referal bonuses. Until then, if you would like more information you can go to the RME site or to this financial site review of the company. Every $10 bonus, will put me closer to my goal. Once signed up, you can also refer up to 50 people of your own. That's a possibility of $525 in free money.

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